How can you choose yourself even more?

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Today’s a reminder for myself and for you.

When you keep saying yes to other people’s urgencies or requests, you’re often saying no and turning away from something that’s important to you. Something you’re wanting to build, to have and/or a way of being, but it’s a sign that you’re not quite committed to it consistently. 

This can be great feedback to help us build our awareness, consistency and ease.

As we’re starting a new year, what do you want in terms of time for yourself? 

What is something you want to build? 

Is there anything that’s keeping you from what you want? (big question, take it with the context I’m discussing today or you can journal and go further if you wish)

We’re coming off holidays, a big time where many overspend, overstretch, get caught in people pleasing, dimming themselves and getting caught up in busyness or emotional distress…it’s a great time to take inventory and choose even more consciously moving forward. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

How do you operate throughout your day? 

How do you feel about your screen/tech time? 

Answering to other people or staying focused and clear on your outcomes? 

What are your patterns? 

Am I giving up something I wanted to say yes to? 

Am I postponing what would feel best for me to say yes to something or someone else? 

Am I getting caught in drama, turmoil, other people’s stories? 

Do I tend to get distracted, low energy? 

How often am I feeling connected and inspired? 

Are you taking care of yourself at the level you desire? Emotionally, financially, mentally, are you clear and loving what you do, are you moving your body, making wise choices to thrive in your body…

Are you getting scattered or needing to distract yourself even more after focusing externally too much on others? 

Often what feels like an urgency is not. 

I even found before I sat down to write today I had a different blog topic in mind and had just finished a meditation and was inspired to write. 

I picked up a quick unknown call and it was about scheduling a dr’s appointment 6 months away. Turning my focus to my calendar and taking 5 minutes to meet their request and their timing changed my focus.

It’s not good or bad, but it helped me to bring awareness to this pattern I can have. 

Why did I choose to pick up the phone? I easily could’ve called back to schedule. 

I tend to write things off often. Well, it’s only a few minutes. It’s probably better than having to remember to call back. I try to make something fit, rather than own what I’m called to do. These little things add up and affect our energy and what we can bring of ourselves. 

This is where systems can help.

I could’ve set a reminder in my calendar for tomorrow and then when we want to be flexible just keep rescheduling so we don’t forget and have to keep things in our head. 

This is a small example, but they can range so much. It’s easy to get caught on the phone endlessly, or try to please and take care of others. 

How can you choose yourself even more?

This is also you in service to others and how you are able to build your confidence, flow and self-worth even more. 

Here’s what you can do:

When you notice your attention isn’t where you want it to be in the moment:

First, take a breath. Feel your body. Ground your feet into the earth (or imagine yourself doing so). Take a minute or two to let your mind wander. Feel the emotions, body sensations and mental thoughts that are present. 

Then go to your heart and ask yourself, what would you love right now? Take a few slow deep breaths into your heart and now ask, what has to happen for my next step towards making this a reality. 

Now, you may get short simple answers, and they make be bigger long-term goals. Either works. There are longer energetic separations and emotional clearing that can be helpful to do, but this is a great start. You can also visit a short guided meditation here to clear your space. 

If we allow distractions to come in continuously somehow it can feel like they’ll never end. This is where knowing your values, clarity, ease and inspiration for what you’re focusing on and communication and scheduling can help so much. 

I hope you take this reminder today for whatever this brings up for you and reminds you of something important you’re going to start incorporating even more. 


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