An Energetic Separation Tool for You

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Today, I want to offer you a guided meditation with one of my favorite tools to energetically separate from other people’s information, shoulds, ideas, doubts, fears and all the ways we let people into our space that tend to get us spinning and disconnected from our flow and truth. 

What do I mean when I say someone is in our energetic space? 

This can range from thinking about them, to wanting to know what they would do, to feeling like we need their help, attention or resources for our survival or to create. This can also be people we take responsibility for or perceive need our help and aren’t ok on their own. People we feel angry at, let down by or admire. All of this can be both conscious and/or unconscious which is why I like to look from a meditative state rather than in my head. 

Why is it important to create this separation and move them out? 

If we keep them in our space, we’re also creating with their energy in our space and not getting our own information. Feeling like something is off, feeling uncertain about what to do, spinning and feeling anxious–all of these are signs there’s also other information in our space to clear out. 

It can even come from old unexpected past authority figures, can be trans-generational, can be old beliefs we’ve taken on from someone that isn’t ours when we’re connected to our own spiritual essence. 

When you’re connected to your light and present-time moment and being–you’ll always feel more fulfilled and aligned with what you create. 

This tool can also be helpful during times of crisis’, breakups, familial, work or relationship challenges. 

Whether it’s all that’s currently going on in the external world or something in your internal world, I invite you to watch this video below to help you separate and own your energetic space and your light. 

I use a version of this meditation multiple times a day as a way to check in with myself, own my space, relax my system and consciously choose what I’m creating with my own highest information. 

I’d love to hear from you too. If you have any questions or comments please comment this post and let me know what you notice and how this works for you. 

Here’s to you being your light.



PS: I suggest you save this page as a bookmark on your browser so that you can come back to this meditation any time you need it.

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