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Do you ever feel like you work so hard to connect with yourself? 

To be in a space to receive your clarity? 

To really know what feels right for you?

Then you finally get a knowing. You have a vision, an idea, something worth bringing into reality. Something you know is possible for you and on path with where you’ve been wanting to go.

And then maybe you get filled with what ifs, mental blocks, or you share your idea with someone else and it feels like all your clarity and energy has changed. 

Now, the purpose of today’s share isn’t about blame or judgment. 

It’s rather about building awareness and curiosity so that you can follow through, own your space and information, own your energetic space and information. A part of creating is also knowing when and what to share and with whom. 

Sometimes when we share and we haven’t sat long enough with an idea or a desire, it can be challenging to own our space and place of possibility. When we have a deep awareness of our doubts, fears and patterns and are in a place of loving to create even through all of it, that’s when it’s easier to hold our space when we share. 

If not, we may get some feedback to help us dive deeper so that we can really choose and be a match if it’s something we truly want. 

It may also be a longer term desire that it’s not quite time for yet and that’s ok too. We’re in the process of growing into the person to create and hold the vision fully. 

I had this experience the other day. I was walking on the beach. I had set an intention to gain clarity on something specific and then I just walked and let it all go out of my mind. I was curious what would come in once I allowed myself to be fully present in my moment. After less than 5 minutes I was flooded with possibility, creativity and ideas. I felt so in my flow and so connected to my knowing and ability to manifest. 

Also, for me, I often find that some physical movement prior to these clarity walks help me get present even faster. This walk was right after 30 minutes of connected movement and muscle exertion. It felt so nice to release my mental chatter after I set the intention. I set an open space with no expectations. If something came to me on this walk, great. If not, that was okay too. There is no timeframe for this. There’s no rush or need on me getting clarity or an answer. It’s a longer term vision and I’m aware now isn’t quite the time but the possibilities are growing. 

After I got this flood of information and felt very clear. I got excited, ungrounded and I jumped ahead. I ran right into future time and felt some doubts. Rather than sit with them, I called someone before pausing. 

I realized afterwards I called because I lost trust within myself. I wanted help and to attach to something, or in this case someone outside of me for validation and assistance.  

I know if I had taken a minute to pause and took a deep breath and looked at any doubts or fears that I may have had about creating this, I would’ve moved through that on my own and had a deeper commitment to this vision. 

Instead, I called someone, who himself was in survival, and was not very supportive and actually said the words, “I’m in survival right now, I can’t figure this out. Are you calling me for help?” And I said, “No, I’m not. I just wanted to share, what do you think?” And he said, “If you can figure that out, great.”

And this conversation hit me pretty hard. I felt like my whole crown was spinning and I had a hard time getting back to my place of possibility, my place of ease, my place of connection, my place of flow. 

And it’s also a reminder to myself how important it is to hold our energetic clarity and space. 

I wouldn’t have been triggered by his reaction if I didn’t have some doubts or fears about me being able to create this vision. 

Personally, what’s worked for me when I manifest and when I help my clients is to have that inner curiosity. To have that inner awareness first. To have that vision be so clear that nothing can shake your knowing or your capacity to get there when you do share it. 

And, choosing to share with people who are aligned in believing in possibility, who are supportive and creative or being unaffected when someone is challenging or in a place of survival themselves shows us we’re on our way. 

It’s not that it’s a “bad thing”, it just makes us work a little harder and commit a little more. 

These reactions or merging with other people’s energies and doubting our own flow and information shows us where any gaps to our alignment are. 

This is actually a beautiful and helpful part of the process. I already knew now isn’t quite the time, which may also be why I jumped to make this call. If it was the time and I was ready, my actions or response would’ve been different. 

Now I have the gift of more information and something specific that I can move towards with clarity, so that I can really hold the space to create it. 

I was also reminded about not pressuring or rushing our timing. Until something is in flow and an easy “yes”, it’s not quite time yet. 

We get to reflect and choose. 

For you, is there something specific you’re wanting clarity on? 

Something maybe you’ve wavered on after sharing or being unsure within yourself? 

Is what you may say you want something you would really love to create? Whatever it takes? 

It’s not that it’s good or bad, it’s just worth knowing where you are and what you’re actually willing to do. 

If you’re not there yet and you would love to be… this is where values work is invaluable. It helps you link what you want to, what’s already most important to you, so you remove the inner conflict and challenges around your self-worth. 

For this vision, I had some doubts for myself, which is why this call came in perfectly to help me really go deeper to decide if this is something that I’m committed to, or want to choose to be committed to, in a way that’s worth linking my values, spending more quality time and attention to build my desire for this. 

It just came in as a vision. 

I used to think it made me some sort of “bad person” if I didn’t create each idea or vision. If I don’t  follow through on all these visions that somehow I was “less than” or “not good enough”. 

I have so much more potential than I realize which means… and I could go on some self destructive and depressive path. 

And what I’ve come to find is just because we can manifest these as reality, doesn’t mean we want to, would love to or should. It doesn’t take away anything from you and your self worth. It’s just a choice. 

So you get to choose what’s most in alignment for you right now. 

  • What would you love to prioritize? 
  • Where are you being called to grow? 
  • What does your energetic space look like? 
  • Do you tend to get thrown off when you share with someone else? 
  • How can you use these experiences as a place to go deeper versus a place to throw you off or versus a reason to throw you off track? 

It has also helped me focus on my system, how I work best to get into my flow. I’m grateful to be here at the beach for these two weeks because it’s one of the places where I have a lot of ease. It’s one of my most productive “offices”. I know sometimes when I’m home and it’s not time to travel, I can set the space up in my mind’s eye or sense as if I’m here.

You can create freedom for yourself regardless of where you are. All it takes is time and attention, practice and the right tools. 

So I invite you to reflect within yourself:

To allow time for my vision and knowing to really settle into my physical body. 

And this is where body scanning meditations are so helpful. This is where energetic separation meditations are so helpful. This is where chakra inquiry meditations can be helpful. Because every part of ourselves, while yes, trying to serve and protect us, have different information and have different potential blocks or places or reasons why we may not want to create what we say we want. 

That’s why building your awareness, your connection with yourself, and really being connected both in your heart and your crown to what you’d love to create-so that there’s a match there spiritually and physically- is so important in order to really be in alignment when we manifest. 

That’s where we can magnetize things towards us. And somehow things turn out so much better than we could have imagined when we’re in that space. 

This is a journey for you of getting to know yourself, getting to know your strengths, your doubts, fears, anxieties or people or places that you may tend to want to ground through rather than trusting and grounding through you and your own connection. 

Here’s to you and your manifestation in your divine timing. 

Much love,

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