Why logic can’t get you out of stress

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Today’s message was inspired after speaking to someone about stress recently. 

I’m not talking about the good kind of stress–eustress–that inspires us to grow and builds our immune system. 

I’m talking about that feeling of distress. The kind that puts us into fight or flight. Those survival mode stresses where we start to lose belief and connection to what we’re capable of. And, we can lose touch with what we’d truly love to create. 

In this place it’s easy to feel overloaded with shoulds and have to’s. 

One piece of advice I heard was. “Write down everything that stresses you and create a strategy to remove the stress”

Now, in and of itself this is seemingly good advice. 

And from one level of being this is the best we can do. And, there’s another even more integrated perspective from a different vibration that’s possible. 

See, when you’re in distress, the choices you make are often out of survival and an avoidance of pain. 

When you’re inspired and connected you’re able to see possibilities. There’s trust that if you see or sense a vision (even if you don’t know how) you can expand into a version of yourself that can create it, if it’s truly aligned. This is when new opportunities and people show up to support you on your path. 

I’ll give you an example: I was very inspired to buy a condo in Aspen. It had been a long dream of mine to live there and/or spend more time there. 

Throughout the diligence process some things were stressful. 

Some people told me:

‘Just walk away.’ ‘Simplify your life.’ ‘It’s not worth it.’ or, ‘maybe it’s just not the time.’ 

This is when it’s time to go inward and be curious. Unattached logically and get a true knowing of my path and what I was being called to create at that time. 

I truly don’t like to make any decisions logically first.

I prefer to first get connected to my essence and my knowing. 

So in order for me to tune into what was true for me around this purchase. I went for a hike. Did some meditation. Spoke to people who trusted my yes and that whatever that was I could create the outcome that I wanted. 

When I got clear I was a yes and I owned that yes. I believe the clarity and ownership helped so many things fall into place to make this possible

I really believe had I just given up because of the stress or kept trying to figure it out in my head, I would not have had the same outcome and the same ease that showed up. 

I invite you to think of something that may be a bit stressful for you.

Something that feels like too much or something you want to solve.

What is it? 

What does your mind tell you to do to solve this problem? 

(see, from this line of thinking there’s a problem to be fixed.) 

Now, take a few deep breaths. Feel your heart beating and place a hand on your heart. Say to yourself I would love to tune into what I’d love to create or do (or fill in with whatever comes to you that you’d love). 

Feel the space above your head at your crown chakra. Feel it expand as if all the way to the sun. Imagine filling up through this light beam of warm, nourishing golden sunlight. 
Sometimes I ask myself an easy question and I sense above my crown to get a yes or a no. I check in with so many small and large decisions this way.

I may actually feel or see something in my mind’s eye, my head may shake yes or no. I may feel a large expansion for one way I ask something then when I check in with the opposite feel off balance or a shrinking or tightening of my energy. 

Pay attention to these subtle shifts.

Then, I’ll ask a question. Would you love ___outcome? And, I’ll see how it resonates vibrationally with my crown and physical space. 

I’ve found it often is different information to follow than my survival level yes or no. 

If you trust this connected information, and take this on as the outcome you’d love, what doors can open up?

What new perspectives can you see to help make this new truth possible? 

See, when we make decisions from a place of survival to get ourselves out of stress we sometimes miss the magic in the opportunity of upleveling and expanding our lives.

When you choose a grounded, inspired and connected way of being first. Then, you can move more into your heart and place of knowing where you will be guided and increase your access and potential for creating what you’d love. 

Can’t wait to hear all about what you uncover and create for yourselves.


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