Today’s Find Your Flow message is about timing. 

More specifically, it’s about getting in touch with and honoring your timing around something you may be creating or wanting to have in your life. 

There may be something you say you really want, yet there may be tension when you think about it or what it takes to make it happen. You may find yourself rushing through many life steps or stages in order to be there now…That’s because it’s not really what you need at this moment in time. 

Or, you may find yourself spinning and in your head about the how or when it’s going to happen. Or feel frustrated and doubt that you can even make it happen the way you want.

It’s natural at times to get ungrounded and disconnected and feel worried and disappointed that it’s not time for this whole vision now. You may find yourself exerting so much energy thinking about something that’s in the future that you have a hard time being present and in your flow now. 

When that happens it’s even less likely we have the space, energy and vision to create what we want. This can be a challenging cycle. It’s so helpful to stop and pay attention and be willing to get curious. 

Tension, lack of flow, efforting, disappointments…this is all feedback that’s worth listening to. 

When something is truly meant for us at this time and in this season of our lives…we keep seeing the steps forward and those steps are somehow on our paths OR we naturally keep being redirected and guided. 

Knowing and leaning into our timing and honoring where we’re being called to grow in each season can be grounding and freeing. 

It’s important to remember just because something may not be for you right now, doesn’t mean you can’t have it later. And, it doesn’t mean you’re any less capable of making something happen, it just means you’re choosing what’s most aligned for you now instead. 

Here are some helpful questions I invite you to ask in a meditative state: 

Where is life calling you to grow most right now? 

What new habits, actions, resources can you implement? 

From there, trust the timing and release any need. 

If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, that’s ok too. Reminding yourself you are ok and enough either way allows for more space to create with ease. 

I’ll give you an example. I was speaking with someone yesterday and she mentioned she wanted to buy her mother a home in her neighborhood so she could be closer to her. This felt like something she could make happen if she pushed it, but it wasn’t quite aligning. It wasn’t the time yet. She didn’t let this go completely, she just honored her timing of not right now. 

Life is calling her to grow most in her own finances and physical health right now. As she was focusing for a few weeks on both of these areas she found herself focused on investments. 

At a dinner she mentioned what she was thinking and someone offered to buy the property she saw and have her mother rent. This was a scenario that was even better than she could’ve imagined at this time. Now, she can continue building her investments in the way that she wants and have her outcome of her mother being close. 

Sometimes we just can’t see a new way at the time until we let in the truth and honor our timing. 

Knowing what this season of life is calling you towards and saying yes. 

It also means being comfortable in the unknown. 

For me, I’ve been wanting to buy/build a home for awhile now. I love real estate as an investment and enjoy creative projects, but I also have a vision for this home/retreat center I’d love to create. 

It’s almost aligned a few times over the past few years but somehow the energy shifts and I don’t always know why until a little later. I stopped moving forward on a lot I bought and my plans are 80% finished and something didn’t feel right. I couldn’t put my finger on it–but now it makes COMPLETE sense. I’m so grateful I didn’t push and rush my timing. 

Now, it’s not that I couldn’t have done it. I could’ve used logic and the mind and kept going. And, if I had, I wouldn’t see that as a mistake, but I do believe I would’ve had more feedback and challenges to move through had I ignored my knowing. 

When we’re clear…we’re clear. That’s it. We don’t need to defend it. Try to change it into something else. Make it mean anything. It doesn’t take away from your ability and who you are….

Now, it’s still unknown what I’ll do with that property or maybe I’ll build it as an investment or let it go or the timing will come together and I’ll complete what I started but I do know there will be some reorganization there that will make it much better than my original intention. 

However it works out–I’ll know when I know. I actively check in and am open to hearing new information. Until there’s clarity it feels better to honor it’s not meant for right now. 

There are times I wish it was a now project. But that all comes from my head when I’m not seeing the benefits and perfection of where I currently am.

I used to feel challenged by not knowing. How can I be so clear on the home and vision and yet have no idea where this exists. The truth is what I have as an option is so close and I know there is just a little something more I want that it doesn’t have. 

Keep the possibility open for having an even better vision/reality than what you may have originally expected/desired.

This requires learning how to be comfortable in the unknown. As well as being comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

The more willing you are to be with all of your thoughts, emotions and body sensations, the less stress you’ll have and the more you’re able to expand. 

Here’s to you finding, knowing and honoring your most aligned timing.


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