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What Gets Measured Is What Gets Done

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Today’s Find Your Flow message is an invitation to do a check-in.

One of my business mentors always says, “What gets measured is what gets managed.”  

We can’t improve when we aren’t clear on our outcomes and knowing what to measure.

For you whether you’re being called to grow in your finances, heath, relationships, family and/or business…being clear and owning where you currently are is the first step. Then, you can look what you would truly love to create and have.

You can only end up with the results you want when you check in frequently. 

I invite you to journal with these questions and revisit them when you have time today or throughout your weekend.

It’s helpful to look at how often you want to measure.

Let’s check in with your week so far. 

Connected, tired, depleted, scattered, overwhelmed, inspired, grateful, radiant, purposeful, clear? 

Taking time throughout your day to pay attention to how you’re feeling is just as important, if not, even more important than what you’re accomplishing. I find when I focus on how I’m being first, my efficiency, clarity, focus and ease help me accomplish so much more.

Other people? If you feel distressed enough or get sick? If you know it’s impacting some area and result you want?

Remember, we get what we’re willing to tolerate and choose to pay attention to. It’s up to you to decide what you want your daily/hourly experience to be. And, when it’s not that–take a moment to pause—GROUND, RECONNECT and CHOOSE. 

Throughout your day as challenges, to-do’s and tension arise, I invite you to give yourself permission to take a quick time-out rather than waiting for a “perfect” time or until later.

Since we don’t always have an extended amount of time to do a long meditation or movement, I like to ask myself:

❓Is now a time to do a deep-dive inventory of what’s present and build awareness? What’s going on with my energetic space, thoughts, sensations, emotions and body? Which chakras are imbalanced?

❓If now’s not the time. I ask myself, what can I connect to right now? You’d be surprised how even just a few deep breaths where I imagine letting any stress and overwhelm go can change my mood and access to new perceptions and ideas.

If you have an extra minute, maybe even imagine a thick grounding cord from the base of your spine going all the way down to the center of the earth. Straight down. And, then imagine yourself calling all the threads of yourself that tend to get overly extended back. And, release what’s in your auric space and let it go.

This could be a whole course of tools, meditations and ways I love to do this in all different timeframes, but for today, let’s start with inquiry, possibly a new awareness, choices and focused slow and controlled breath.

See you next week.

Love, Laurin

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