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Want to Uplevel Your Self-Care Rituals?

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How do you know when your self-care practice needs a tune-up? 

How consistent are you with your practice?

Do you have non-negotiables for yourself or does your routine vary? 

Today’s Find Your Flow is an invitation to check in with yourself and your self-care routine. 

I know for me when I’m less consistent with my physical movement and exercise I can feel heavy and weighted down energetically and eventually that can take a toll on my productivity and my inspiration. From there I can feel emotional, spin mentally and be hard on myself and then I feel even more ungrounded. This can all happen with or without a physical shift in weight. We all have some version of disconnecting and ungrounding that’s helpful to pay attention to. 

This leads me into the 5 aspects of awareness. Today, we’ll look at these around physicality and self-care. 

What aspects of self-care are most important to you right now? 

Or, what aspects below could use some more focus?

Movement, meditation, body/breath/energy work? Focus on nutrition? Beauty/skin care? Journaling/morning pages? Creating and maintaining time for yourself? Mindful use of technology and boundaries? 

Do you have daily/weekly/monthly rituals? Maybe you don’t do everything every day. Do you schedule and stay with your plans? 

Can you sustain the vibration, energy and vitality you desire? 

Awareness can mean so many things depending on your perspective. 

The focus here is your spiritual and physical body and your ability to stay balanced from a holistic way of being. This will allow you to build connection, clarity, self-love and acceptance of what is by appreciating how something is the way that it is.

1. Physical:

Feeling the sensations in your body. You are not your body. Your body is a vessel and represents a snapshot of where you are and how you’re relating to your body. The more disconnected in other aspects of awareness, the more disconnected and reactive you will be in your physical body. The possibility is for your physical body to be a reflection of who you are in your essence and light by how you feel and the actions and consistency you have. 

What is your energy like consistently? 

Does it reflect your goals and who you want to be? 

Do you have physical body pain/illnesses/symptoms? 

Where are there aches and pains? Do you know what they are trying to reveal to you? 

Where do you see something as normal, or just how it is, or natural aging?

What do you accept that you no longer want to settle for–what do you want to change?

What’s your vision for yourself, physically?

Every physical challenge is feedback. It’s information and an opportunity trying to assist you back on course to ultimately feel your best. It’s up to you to listen and build the tools to know how to shift. 

2. Mental:

This is your ability to pay attention, focus and to be strategic and clear. As well as have balanced perspectives. Remember, you are not your mind. Your mind is a tool to serve you just like meditation, a computer or a phone. You learn and choose how to program it and how to use it based on your individual needs. 

What takes up space mentally for you? Is it inspiring or draining? 

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? 

How do you process your thoughts? 

Do you share them, have safe people to connect with or feel isolated? 

Where are you being called to grow?

3. Emotional:

Knowing what you’re feeling and being able to get in touch with all the different parts of your emotional body. Having a wide range of access and using emotional disturbances as a tool for feedback and guidance to help you find your balance. 

When physical, emotional and mental work together you are grounded, centered and clear-minded and able to see and hold space for all different viewpoints. When you can only see one side–it’s a sign there’s an imbalance.  

Emotions are expressions of opinions based on incomplete perceptions of awareness. 

4. Energetic:

This is a subtle vibration of energy that shifts based on you. How clear your auric space is. If you trust and connect to your own information. If you’re engaged physically and spiritually. If you’re clear minded mentally and poised emotionally. 

“If you have no patience for your own self, you have nothing. Your trouble lies when you find your anchor outside of you.” Yogi Bhajan

What are some ways to tell if you’re feeling challenged energetically?

Do you feel weighed down by other people? Crowds? Information/wants in your space? 

Do you know how to separate fully and lovingly? 

Do you hold loving boundaries that help you own your light? 

5. Soulful:

This is a purposeful way of being. This is connected to you in your soul’s purpose and essence. This is when you know you’re authentically shining and being yourself. You’re engaged and extroverted. It’s not always about what you’re doing, but also about how you’re doing it. 

Does your self-care and physical routine assist you in showing up fully for your purpose? 

What actions could help you have even more energy and inspiration? 

All rituals thrive when we’re willing to bring our awareness to what is and what isn’t working.

When you prioritize what you want and are willing to take the actions necessary for those results. 

All these aspects of awareness are opportunities for you to get to know, like, respect, prioritize, connect to and love yourself at a new level. 

Here’s to you tuning into and upleveling your self-care and way of being this week. 


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