Times of Uncertainty: Coronavirus Tips

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This has been quite an interesting few weeks around the world and I’d like to offer a few tips to help navigate all the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus.

If you’re anything like me, there are times where you’re getting tense, fearful or uncertain.

See this time as an opportunity to get curious, learn how to be even more comfortable with yourself and use this is as feedback of where in your life you want to up-level. Wherever you’re feeling judgment, shame, frustration, fear or unprepared, see it as areas in your life that need some focus. 

Like anything in life, we can choose the meanings we give our experiences, fears, and doubts. Remember, to use this time not just focused on not contracting COVID-19 or spreading it others, but as a time to reflect, grow and build an even more foundation in all areas of your life.

This is personal growth. It’s worth investigating and learning from what’s showing up. If we take these areas on as inspiring challenges they actually help support our immune system!


Matching strategy with mindset is key as we navigate these uncertain times.

I see a lot of uncertainty with health concerns, travel bans, feeling isolated and panic around finances, business and market inconsistencies. I want to address some mindset and strategy for each one of these below as well as ways we can support our immune system.

Here are three areas of focus to help you with your mindset and strategy:

1. Know yourself. 

Find out what’s truly highest on your values. Some questions to ask yourself:

Time: Where do you spend your time most? When does it feel like time disappears…you could keep doing what you’re doing. You may have thought you were tired and then you get started and seem to wake up with inspiration and focus. It may be focusing on your business, connecting with friends or family, going through finances…Start to notice your daily actions and what leaves you most filled up.

Money: Where do you spend your money most often and where you feel good about it? It may be the security or lifestyle of your home, it may be traveling, learning and personal growth, it may be in your business or family.

Space: What’s around you most often? Is it books and notes, games/foods for social gatherings, workout gear for your physical body, kids stuff, your laptop/Ipad—what do they really represent for you? What do you use them for most often? What do you consistently have around you in your personal space most often?

These questions all lead to clues to help you zone in on what’s the highest priority to you.


2. Keep living your life.

Even if that means things are shifting and happening virtually. See this as on the way and supportive of your health and greater outcomes rather than feeling as though something has been taken away from you.

For some, it’s an opportunity to:

  • slow down
  • focus even more on family
  • gain leverage to be even more secure in their finances in the future
  • take time for their health and fitness
  • experience working virtually that may have an unexpected outcome of an even better lifestyle
  • more flexibility
  • an even greater income
  • increasing presence with your community


Focus on your highest values and priorities and keep moving forward. Take quality breaks as needed and that leads us into our third step.

3. Take care of yourself.

Schedule quality time for intentional self-care. This includes a focus on all the areas of life.


How are you supporting yourself? Are you meditating? Taking time to see what you’re grateful for? Are you managing your emotions, perspectives and being mindful?

Are you doing something daily? If you’re not yet, what could you be doing? Here’s a link for some recommended books on spirituality.

How would adding some focused time here help support your highest values?


Are you growing and learning? Especially in topics that are most inspiring and interesting to you.

Some of my favorite books on prosperity.


Even if things are slower and challenging, are you using this time to create and focus on what’s possible? Are you making time for doing projects and things you usually tend to put off?

This is a great time to plan ahead, connect with people and really get to know them as a human without even thinking about your business.

Keep planting seeds and being the most you can be. Step fully into your light or what you’re going through and share.

Check out some business books.


Do you have a strategy and know where you are in this area? Do you have a plan for the next few months?

Are you managing your emotions so you’re not making things worse than they are while at the same time not just assuming all will be fine and making things better than they are. While yes, we’re always supported and get what we need, it’s also helpful to build our accountability in this area if it hasn’t been a highest priority.

See the truth and course correct as needed. If things aren’t what you hoped, what are you learning and what are you committed to having in place in the future?

Friends and Family:

Are you complaining and hunkered down watching the news and zoning out or are you using this time wisely and as an opportunity to connect and create even more quality time together? Sometimes it’s fun to have each person write down what they would love to do together…what would be truly fulfilling. Then, have everyone read their lists out-loud and see how you can work together and find time to integrate everyone’s ideas. 


Even if you’re inside more often are you taking advantage of all the ways you can be creative and move your body. Whether it’s dancing, yoga, jump roping, stretching or doing crunches while watching tv, playing active games. There are endless ways for us to thrive and create community whether we’re alone or surrounded by loved ones during these times.

My friend had a virtual game night the other night and my friend and I hung out on FaceTime doing facials and catching up.

My favorite recommendations on health. 

I’ve been spending time focusing on each of these areas and consciously creating connection in my perceptions as I’m putting things together to serve others and using technology to truly add value to my life through FaceTime and zoom.

Travel Plans: 

I was just talking to a friend about her travel plans. Since we don’t know what’s coming and what will happen over the next month or two take some time to prepare. (Notice, I didn’t say go crazy and overboard and stress out…just think about your current needs and extend those out maybe 4 weeks.)

If you’re thinking about traveling, a question to ask yourself is: are you willing to spend a few weeks there if things shut down even more? If not, you may want to re-evaluate.

If you spend time around elderly or people in a higher risk category maybe you take some more precautions and realize that there are a lot of carriers that are asymptomatic.

Market Uncertainties: 

If the market is stressing you out and you’re not a day trader by profession…maybe you stop watching it so closely. Make decisions on your lifestyle and needs and if you’re in it for the long-run, take a breath and let it be what it is for now. Things will correct themselves over time.


Here are a few practical tips to support your immune system.

In addition to the above, managing your emotions and mindset will allow you to stay as clear-headed as possible. It’s helpful to remain neutral so you’re able to assess opportunities and potential consequences while thinking through your lifestyle, your loved ones, and your priorities as you make decisions rather than feeling overwhelmed by emotions, media or what others are doing. 


1. Get enough sleep. 

It sounds simple, but yet so many people are run down and not getting enough.

Also, we really benefit from the hours of 11pm-3am so if you can be in bed and asleep by then that’s helpful for your rejuvenation. Turn off electronics or set to night-time mode as early as you can and end your evening with gratitude. Here’s a free nightly gratitude meditation you can follow along with.

2. Drink plenty of water. 

I know a lot of people are drinking a lot more alcohol, coffee, and sweet drinks during this time and I sincerely encourage you to keep hydrating.

3. Nutrition.

  • Take a daily vitamin
  • Enzymes for after meals to help support your digestion.
  • Plenty of vitamin C
  • Possibly vitamin B or D supplements
  • Camu Camu, herbal support, teas, ginger
  • Eat as many whole foods and vegetables as you can for now. There may be a time where we need to start eating all the soups, pastas, and cereals but while we can enjoy alive foods, I encourage you to take advantage.

I love sprouts, lots of different greens, carrots, fruits…Here’s a link with some products I like. I know a few things are out right now, but feel free to message me if you’d like any specific suggestions.

I know this can be a difficult time, so let’s all come together and support each other as much as we can.

You’ve got this and this too shall pass. As with all challenges, there’s just as many opportunities when we look. You can choose the perspective you take and whether you take on inspired challenges during this time or get caught up in the overwhelm.

I’m here to help however I can so just REACH OUT or say hello 🙂

And, If you’ve found this helpful…please share this link with your friends and family and sign up below to stay up-to-date with lots of information, inspiration and resources to help you on your journey. 

With much love,


P.S. I’m thinking of hosting a zoom room to guide people through a values assessment and time for Q &A on anything you’d like to know. Is this something you’d be interested in?? If so, please let me know and I’ll be customizing it based on your feedback.

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