Do you find it challenging to let go? To be present? Or to rest and relax fully? 

Do you ever find yourself setting aside time intentionally for yourself and then it still lands flat? You just can’t quite get into feeling connected to yourself, your body and your knowing? 

If you’re like me, you may have to be committed to creating time for yourself to fit rest, self-care and rejuvenation in so it can be pretty disappointing when you don’t feel like you’re getting the full benefit of settings aside that time. 

After a difficult night’s sleep, I had that this morning, I really wanted some rest and to reconnect to myself so I could be in my flow for my work day and it just wasn’t happening. Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed, overtired and overstimulated it takes a little more attention to get to where we want to be and more importantly–HOW we want to be. 

I had so much self-judgment and disappointment about where I was to relax. I just wasn’t fully feeling my body. 

I did a short movement practice and kundalini meditation, signed onto an hour long meditation class and then took myself through a guided meditation and then I felt so much more inspired and connected for my day. 

I love getting in touch and combining that knowing with what I’d love to do/create–that’s where the energy really starts flowing with ease, fun and creativity. 

Now, I realize that was a lot of time today, but remember I take the long route often so you can have the shorter route. This is what I love and what I love to do. 

Even just a few moments of deep breathing can help you be in a new space. 

So wherever you are today and however much time you choose to dedicate to yourself, I invite you to join me for a meditation today. 

As a personal choice, I actually don’t move forward with work until I’m in my flow. I learned this creating my first online course how much more efficient we are when we’re connected. (In fact that course is all about connection)

Is pausing to get in your flow and connection a non-negotiable for you? 

If not, ask yourself: do you want it to be? 

Do you want to create from flow? 

Are you wanting to build your awareness and connection? 

While it can be challenging to wind down sometimes, especially when that hyper-vigilance and sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system are firing high, if you stay committed to the outcome and have the right tools–you can always get into your flow state. 

Today’s guided meditation is about building awareness and creating space, light and rest in your physical and energetic body.

Remember, awareness is about observation.

It’s not about positive or negative. It’s not about good or bad. It’s not about judgment. 

It’s about noticing and being stable regardless of what is going on. 

I found myself needing a new meditation this morning to connect and be in my inspiration and wanted to record a guided version of it for you today to help you settle into a space of light, rest and relaxation. 


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