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Steven Covey’s 4 Quadrants

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A system for improved productivity 

We all feel there’s not enough time in the day at times…but it’s where we’re actually spending our time that makes all the difference. 

I love this system as it has the ability to bring so much clarity around where we’re currently spending our time. And, where we’d like to make some shifts.

Here’s a helpful exercise:

Step 1: For a week write down every task and ways you’re spending your time.

Each day, I used a piece of paper with the 4 quadrants drawn out, then depending where the certain activity was categorized, I made a note and jotted down approximately how much time I spent on that action.

Step 2: At the end of the week, calculate how much time was spent in each quadrant. 

Step 3: Capture any new choices you’d like to start making. 

Did you notice maybe you’re spending too much time in time-wasters, or on distractions and other people’s urgencies? Are you taking enough time for scheduling, planning and creating what’s most important to you? Remember, what’s important and not urgent often doesn’t get scheduled the same way, but it is where the most progress and fulfillment live.

Step 4: What has to happen for you to focus more on what’s important? 

Do you need some new systems? Are there places you can delegate? Do you need to block some chunks in your calendar each week? Need more reflection time? Thinking time? Time for planning and strategizing is different from time for meditation and being still within yourself to build your inner intuition and knowing. All of these subtleties are important though.

Also, clarity on our values is a large part of knowing where to focus as well. If you’d like to know some of the questions that show up when we have a lack of clarity on our values, click here. 

Here’s to you creating space for what’s truly most important to you.

Remember, we all do have the same time in the day, so it’s not about the time as much as it is about the energy you’re bringing to the table and the clarity around what you’re choosing to consciously create.



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