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Secret Tip: Want to be Inspired and Productive

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Ever feel like you’re working on too much at one time? 

Feel overwhelmed with all your ideas and creativity? 

I have a handful of different projects going on at the moment, and at times, it feels like a lot.

Getting a lot less sleep, having a lot of moving pieces to keep organized, scheduling in self-care and showing up for that regardless of the next seemingly pressing thing.

You know, that feeling like there’s just one more thing you want to get done before you take a call, leave the house or call it a night. 


I’m here to remind all of us that it’s a never-ending process.

And, I’m not saying this to be negative. Rather a reminder to breathe into this fact.

It’ll never be perfect or exactly according to plan or on our exact timeline…and, that’s ok.

What is possible, though, is something even better. It’s possible to become more whole, more confident and more inspired as we continue moving forward. This serves us much more than feeling like what we do or who we are is never enough.

When we release the timeline, the plan and the pushing of it all (as if we have to push this ton boulder uphill like yesterday all by ourselves) we get to dance with all the moving pieces as they come and go around us. This keeps our creativity alive and allows us to be open. From here, what we create can be magical and way more than our minds could’ve even aimed for. 

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Yes, it’s important to have structure and organization. 


And, to be able to envision the completed project. What it looks like when you’ve raised the money for your current project, closed on that building or taken on more clients. These take active planning and execution as one part.


And, the other part is often undervalued and overlooked. When we spend even more time on this piece, the other comes much more easily.

Ever heard the saying spend 80% of your time on the planning, foundation or the psychology and 20% on the doing, building or mechanics.

This is what allows those same sleepless nights to feel so inspiring and fueling that you wake up engaged and ready to take on the day. Your health and relationships don’t suffer because of your lack of presence.

The more present we are with each task we do, the more present we are to ourselves and others around us well. THIS brings much more ease than frustration, judgement and feeling a sense of lack.

So, what really allows this piece to take place?

It’s called connection.

Here’s the cycle of connection that allows us to be here:

1. Being-ness. 

It’s so critical that we take time to breathe, nourish our body, and know how we want to be throughout the day and create the awareness when we’re not quite there.

We all have these moments, but in order to master our life we need to build our awareness. Regardless of what’s showing up, even if we’re stressed, snappy or overwhelmed, this stillness and seeing it fully starts allowing the shift into our true state of being as our higher self to arise.

2. Liberation: 

In the stillness, comes liberation. An opening. We have an insight from just being with ourselves and through this acceptance. This is how we charge our battery.

Meditation, being in nature are great tools for this. 

3. Inspiration:

After the opening and insight, it’s the inspiration that helps to complete our picture. This is what engages our entire being to balance the doing and the being. We can work, be focused, clear, strategize in this place for hours on end where time and space are irrelevant. This frequency brings ease even with a 20 hour work-day.

It’s so worth knowing, what specifically about what you’re doing is really most inspiring to you?

Then, you can focus on that. Trust and know that people WILL come in to support you with different pieces as you need them. 


In the big picture, it’s ok that almost everything takes longer than expected, it’s all a part of allowing the end result to be even greater. 

Tune in, get connected and enjoy wherever you are on your journey right now.



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