Resistant to change?

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Are you a creature of habit? 


Do you like to change things up? 

Change can be somewhat scary and uncomfortable for those of us that like things to stay the same, but it’s also amazing in that it offers us so many opportunities to grow and explore new versions of ourselves. 

Even the kind of change we don’t really want or fear has its countless gifts if we take the time to move from fear to flow and trust. When we trust ourselves as spirit and connect to our bodies amazing ability to heal and create so much possibility exists. 

And, then there’s the kind of change that we actually want in theory but the practicality can feel a bit overwhelming and scary to move out of our comfort zone even though we know the space physically, energetically, emotionally and purposefully will all expand when we finally surrender into the new and embrace it fully. 

Today, I’m sharing some tips for the kind of change you want, but maybe haven’t fully taken action on yet. 

This can be big or small. You choose and can practice with anything that may be on your mind. 

For me, I thought it was time to move. That’s what I really wanted in some ways and it makes so much sense logically and for some things I envision. 

But when I was honest with myself, I’m not quite ready, and it’s not the time for it yet. That took me a while to settle into. The change that was appropriate for me at this time was redecorating my apartment.


I knew it was time for some change but I had to take myself through many processes until my clarity came in and more importantly that I was willing to own it fully. I resisted this many times and still kept looking for a new place but I kept feeling ungrounded, scattered and unclear the more I looked (even when I found some places that were an ideal fit.) This is often a sign we’re not quite on the right track at this present time. 

Ok, so now, I got my clarity. I decided to redecorate. And, yet I was still feeling overwhelmed with the how. As someone who wanted most of it done yesterday it felt daunting to know this was quite a longer-term vision to complete. I got lots of time to practice my tools along the way. 

First and foremost I used my breathwork, meditation and got in touch with what I’d love. What my vision really was. What I was doing this for? How I wanted to feel in my space? How a new level of organization could support me even more. Even most of my artwork I chose 10 years ago felt out of touch with who I am today. 

Sometimes we need to bring our environment into present time so that we can expand creatively again. Whether for you that’s your physical space, your office, your kids room, the gym you go to, your car…

My current space, however comfortable, was outdated and cluttered and not helping me expand. But before I jumped into action, I got clear on how I wanted to feel in my space. What represents this new version of myself and what I’m stepping into so that I can make decisions easily. 

I invite you to ask yourself and capture:

  1. What is something you’re ready to change? 
  2. What needs to happen to make this a reality? 
  3. How do you want to feel? What are you creating this for? 
  4. Create a compelling vision. If you like to visualize, whether that’s in your mind’s eye or put it out on paper or a program. You may journal, ask yourself questions, do a meditation or be guided by a coach. 

Thank you, Heidi, for helping me uplevel my visualizations and turn them into reality with ArchiCad–that was so helpful so I could see my space in 3-D.

Once we’re clear, then we can strategize and take action. 

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See you soon.

Love, Laurin

P.S. For more on decluttering and creating your ideal space, here’s another more in-depth blog on that.

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