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Questions to Empower Your Goals

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Today marks the first day of the final quarter of the year. I wanted to offer some helpful questions you can ask yourself this weekend to check in, refocus if necessary and reflect on where you are. And, where you want to go to close out this year and how you want to start setting yourself up for 2022.

Sometimes people think the end of the year isn’t worth investing that much time or effort in for themselves, their business or any other areas or pursuits. 

Have you ever heard the saying when building a house, spend 80% of your time on the foundation and 90% of your time on the planning and the rest will come together? 

This is true for planning our lives as well. What we can visualize and truly desire, spend time with in our hearts, can ground, strategize and take meaningful daily actions towards..we can make a reality. 

When we lack specificity on our goals, or clarity on if the things we say we want are even true for us, we tend to face external challenges and obstacles. 

These challenges and what appears to be frustration or chaos are actually offering us assistance and feedback helping us to be our most authentic version of ourselves. 

Testing ourselves to see if what we say we want is truly a reality. And, when we change our focus, this feedback is there to remind you to choose your top values. 

How do you know if you’re setting true goals?

Well, if you’re not taking consistent action towards something, or there’s something you really wanted on January 1st, (or maybe even for multiple years or even a decade)…then it is often an injected value and something we perceive we “should” do, rather than something we’d love to do. 

Side note: I have a free values masterclass coming up where I go into more depth on this topic and offer examples. The goal is to gain clarity and give yourself permission to know and be yourself. To move from what you “should” or “could” do, or feel you “have” to or “need” to do and instead help you know your heart’s desires. You can join us here. 

As one of my mentors and teachers says, “If you don’t fill your day with high priority plans and actions that inspire you, your day will fill up with low priority distractions that won’t.”

Here are some questions to get you thinking: 

I invite you to answer these questions with one area of life in mind, first. Maybe it’s the area you have some momentum in. This may or may not be the same one that was a primary focus for you at the beginning of this year. It’s helpful to take notice of this and see where your energy was naturally drawn towards. 

You can also start with an area you’d like to really focus on for the final quarter of the year. 

Let’s start with your being. 

Who are you? 

Now, look back to a Jan 1st, what did you want this year to be about? What was most meaningful for you?

Have you stayed consistent with that desire? Reached the outcomes you set out to reach? Have you been the person you wanted to be in this area? 

Who are you in this area of focus? 

Maybe it’s your business or intimate relationship or your health or commitment to your spiritual path? 

What’s most energizing for you to focus on?

What lights you up to talk about?

What do you find helps center you most so you show up as your most loving, flexible and clear self? 

Now, let’s look at your actions?

What did you set out to do? 

Have you done it? If so, why? If not, why not? 

What have been your perceived challenges? Is this an inspiring goal for you? 

How would you love to close out the year? 

What else would you like to contribute, accomplish, focus on? 

What will help you accomplish your goals? 

What do you perceive are the most high priority daily actions that will help you reach this outcome? 

Lastly, let’s look at what you want to have and create from your being and actions. 

What do you want to have 3 months from now? 

Why would you love this? What feeling drives this?

What do you feel it will provide for you and those you care about? 

How may it have a positive impact on the area of life you want to grow? 

I could go on and on with questions like this because the more we answer meaningful questions, the more clear and inspired we become. 

If you’re looking to take this even deeper, feel free to come join my free mini-course  how to Create Your Own Meaningful Vision Board in a weekend.

  • Gain clarity on what’s truly important to YOU vs. those should’s. 
  • Learn how to set realistic time-frames and prioritize your goals. 
  • Learn my unique system and how I decide what to physically place on my boards.
  • You’ll also have a meditation for each area of your life.

You can get started here.

Here’s to you being the most inspired, productive and connected version of yourself. 

Look forward to connecting with you somewhere soon.



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