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Ever feel like life is just moving so quickly? 

The to-do’s and responsibilities are just stacking? 

So much is getting away from you and you’re already feeling behind?

Also, a part of yourself feels lost?

I’ve been feeling like this lately and I keep having to remind myself that it’s not only ok to slow down, but an absolute must. In fact, there’s nothing more important than being present and holding ourselves accountable to this. 

Today, I want to share my top 4 tips of what I do when I feel this way and what helps me to get back on track.

Remember, no matter how much you want/need to get done, there is nothing more efficient than you being grounded and in a place of love to  _____( for whatever it may be)

Now, moving from a have to -> love to is another process, but today let’s cover tips for slowing down so that you can get your clarity and move with more flow and ease. 

We can often get overloaded with so many shoulds, action items outside of our highest values and other people’s information and opinions (that we’re not even always conscious of) affecting our space and access to our knowing. 

This is why it’s so important that we get connected. Here’s how:

Breathe intentionally and deeply. Use different patterns of breath-work.

Move your body. Tune into what would feel best for you today? My movement doesn’t look the same everyday right now and that’s ok. And, if you have a practice you love- keep doing it. 

Spend time in nature. Go for walk, a hike, find some water if you can. Slow down and be present and notice the little things. 

The more time we take to slow down, the more space is available to be filled with our creativity and knowing. 

While this is also a form of connecting to yourself, it can also be so much more than that. I like to use meditation intentionally. 

Remember, meditation is a tool to serve you and meet you where you are. It’s not some expectation for a quiet mind or perfection. 

If you’ve been here for a while you know we have a ton of guided meditations here and this is something I love to create for you. 

We can have so many ideas, expectations, doubts and thoughts filling up our potential for clarity, connection and ease. When we hold onto outdated perceptions that aren’t based in truth and rather a one-sided view–we hold ourselves back, become even more rigid and inflexible, have a challenge healing and have a dysregulated nervous system that can be on high-alert to not create certain challenges again. And, of course, we end up doing the exact opposite and recreating what we don’t want until we’re neutral and heal.

We attract even more challenges until we get the learning to stop and pay attention and find our truth at the root. 

Now, I realize this is such a big topic but for today, let’s start with one aspect of our perceptions and what is in your control which is HOW you feel about an event or person. 

When our perceptions are anything less than ease and gratitude, there’s an opportunity here for deeper healing and mastery. 

If you’re feeling challenged, ask yourself: 

Where are you being supported? 

How specifically is that form of support actually helping you in what’s most meaningful for you right now?  

Notice, how you feel when you hold yourself accountable here. This is a shortened version inspired by the demartini method (which is one of my favorite methods of deep trauma healing and expansion–more to come on this.) I recommend journaling and keep stacking support until you feel a physiological shift. 

Take a deep breath. You’ve got this. Whatever you may be going through. You wouldn’t attract and invite in what you can’t handle. 

There’s little that’s as healing as when we’re in our flow and connected to our inspiration. 

What lights you up? 

Start journaling and/or being with what you DO what to create at this time.
Ask yourself, is it really time yet?

Often, when we don’t have the result yet…it’s not truly time. The more we honor and relax into this, the easier things are able to flow. 

What is it time for right now? 

What clarity can you receive when you take the time to slow down and get connected? 

I know for me, I can recall these specific moments of clarity/downloads so clearly and the impact and ripple effect that gets created when I say yes and move forward after opening up to this way of being. 

Sometimes, it’s being with smaller moments of inspiration and sometimes is a larger inspiring purpose. Both are important for our wellbeing and momentum. 

While there’s an unknown timing aspect of this on a larger scale. There is also a repeatable process that makes us more available to create consistent moments of inspiration and eventually hear those whispers of our soul that allow us to access our truest sense of self and inspiring purpose. 

Let me know how this goes for you. I LOVE hearing from you.

If there’s anything specific you want me to cover here on the blog, I’m all ears. 



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