Meditation to Choose Ease

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Today I invite you on a journey to help you build your awareness and create even more choice for yourself. 

We’ll go on a journey through each of your chakras to gain insight and flow. 

The inspiration for this meditation was to help you release any tension and blocks around making a new and fulfilling choice that can be even more sustainable for you then just doing from a place of effort.

You may have heard this phrase “choose your hard” before, but today’s reminder is for you to choose consciously. Specifically, about choosing to either be in a space of flow and ease through discomfort and effort in a sense, versus being in a space of tension and effort that discounts your intuition and flow and often leads to lessons and feedback. 

After some personal reflection and client calls this week a version of this topic came up a few times. And, sometimes many choices can feel hard. Choosing your ‘hard’ is realizing there can be challenges and consequences for what may appear as an easy path, as well as what may require more vision and discipline. 

I could also say a reminder for you to choose your life consciously. Today’s blog may look a little different. I’m inviting you to reflect on where you are in your life, your level of awareness and choice plant seeds of remembering what’s possible for you and then a mediation to deepen ways to accomplish a shift. 

As I dive into my taxes that I’ve been putting off, I’m doing a process to help me access my place of choice and flow rather than choosing to just do, do, do. I really value the way in which I’m connected and in flow with each action I take. 

This also allows us to have and feel a sense of choice rather than chaos. 

When we put something off, it’s because we see more benefits of not doing it in a way that’s aligned to our highest values, not because we’re just bad people or lazy. However, I can choose my hard in this circumstance. I’ll have more cash to pay upfront  if I don’t dial in my numbers now, I’ll have this on my mind until the extension comes up, I’ll be distracted from other work…vs. If I commit this weekend I have less time for some things I wanted to do but I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and space in many ways that provide more creativity for projects that are important and inspiring for me…

My time and attention went to being in flow for this outcome that I really wanted until it felt easy and congruent even with the dozens of hours and focus it required. I now can do it in a very different manner.

I have many variations of meditation I like to use and today I’m walking you through a version of what worked for me to act spontaneously.  

It’s helpful to remind ourselves that each action we take comes with it’s own version of benefits and drawbacks. There’s just one that will feel better long-term for me so I’m going to choose to dedicate the time to focus on my being until I’d love to do my taxes in a congruent way and then flow effortlessly until I don’t. Then, I’ll relink and move through my body and chakras again until it’s clear and congruent. 

Regardless of what version of taxes are up for you right now, the principle is the same. 

Whatever this may mean to you as you read this. 

You can ask yourself: 

There are so many angles we could discuss around creating new habits, changing patterns, linking values, balancing energy and chakras, but today’s focus is on YOU.

You at choice and at the center of creating your life. It’s also about you choosing to be so in your flow and clear that you can make new choices without needing discipline, intensity or forceful energy. I find this to be unsustainable and not always the most loving choice. 

It may work – but for how long? 

What can feel really aligned is curiosity. Getting curious about your fears, doubts, reasoning and if you truly want a change. And, from there creating space for a new choice and a new way of doing that starts from your being. Your vibration. Your clarity. 

The goal today is recognizing your spontaneous action that comes with ease and a clear focus when you’re in flow. And choosing to start here with anything you do. 

Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything. 

It can be perceived as “hard work” to take this time, but in the long-run it creates more ease, love, efficiency, congruency and sustainability. 

I was just reminding a client this morning that I believe there’s feedback or flow with any choice.

When we bring curiosity rather than judgment, we don’t operate from a place of right or wrong or lack, but rather from a place of opportunity. 

Now, it’s not that this choice is necessarily hard. In fact, it’s often so simple. 

However, it requires taking the time and attention when we have a desire or something we’re not following through on to create choice, consistency, awareness, presence and connection. There are simple tools to get there. It’s not that we passively wait until we magically are in this place. This is where the perception of hard work can come in. 

Or, if we keep trying to achieve our results from burnout, force and push while not feeling good enough, it’s very challenging to be consistent. This  judgment also affects our self-worth and how we feel, often invalidating our being, confidence and having things happen better and easier than we could imagine. We often rely on external validation here and our self-esteem experiences highs and lows. 

Choosing a new way of being also may require authentic vulnerable communication which may be new to some of you. 

This can be a very interesting piece and one of the many reasons I LOVE chakra work so much.

Each part of ourselves tries to protect us in its own way that even while attempting to serve can make it challenging to lean in fully.

The more comfortable we are being uncomfortable with ourselves, the more we can grow. We use awareness rather than shame, avoidance or judgment to create and manifest consciously. 

You’re always at choice even when it may not appear that way.. You just get to choose. This is often based on your level of awareness in a moment. 

What’s happening in all these aspects of awareness determines what you say yes and no to.

And, these actions dictate your results. 

This is true across all areas of your life. Your health, finances, relationships, intimacy, personal growth…

There are consequences of choosing to live this way, as we miss out on certain things, not everyone will understand your flow or how you live your life. Sometimes you may even ponder why you can’t get away with things being “easy”, as you may hallucinate they are for others even though you know that’s not true. 

Looking past all of this and going to your body for information, for your flow while integrating all aspects of awareness is where love and ease for yourself and others expands. 

This is where you can spontaneously act from your being and flow. 

The pain and consequence of choosing so called easy often comes with a short term pleasure simultaneously with disconnection and longer term pain and discomfort. 

Convenient isn’t always the easiest path. 

Part of being in your flow is choosing and having a vision. Being willing to make the healthier most aligned choice because it feels better not because it’s the right choice per se. When we get stuck in black and white rigid thinking it often accompanies more rigidity and tension. 

Flow comes with grace, gratitude, ease and space in all aspects of awareness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. 

Foresight is often the path that feels the best in the long run and leaves much more possibility available to us. 

While this may appear inconvenient, there’s always a price to pay on either side. 

The question is which one are you more comfortable paying. 

Taking away right or wrong and a judgment off the table. 

Today’s topic feels more like the start of a conversation. I invite you to journal for yourself and feel free to open up and comment below what you notice and any questions or roadblocks that arise so we can build on this concept.

I hope you enjoy today’s chakra journey to help you in making a new choice:

With love,

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