Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires Meditation

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Today’s Find your Flow is a reminder about noticing and appreciating how far you’ve come. 

Whatever your journey has looked like and wherever you may be at this point in time…you’ve been on a beautiful and unique journey that is divinely perfect for you. 

I’m sure you have plenty of desires, goals and ways of being that you’d like to incorporate and master even more…and today is about reflecting on your personal journey until now. 

While we can make change through judgment and disappointment, there’s something about being called to a new level through love, gratitude and appreciation that feels so much more fulfilling. I also find the energy so much more inviting and sustainable. When you’re in this place your flow and creation are much more effortless and inspired than the old way of burnout, intensity and energy of feeling not good enough or something being wrong. 

I used to be that coach that looked for the leverage. That’s what we’re taught in coaching trainings. What’s it costing someone to stay where they are? That’s a BIG problem from that mentality. And, after over 30,000 hours studying and working with clients I tried to follow what I was told works in the beginning. 

Now, after coaching since 2007 I’ve found my own system and way that works. I love that I’ve had clients for over 10 years and I get to see the progress and what’s become really important to the clients I work with. As well as learning so much from my spiritual journey that has now become deeply ingrained in my coaching and way of mentoring. 

The more we attempt to change from the inherent belief that something is wrong with where we are and who we are when we look for this type of leverage the less empowered we feel. We can feel so disconnected and defeated it can be challenging to start. Or, we jump into action and then find it’s unsustainable. 

The truth is everything we do has a valid reason consciously and unconsciously.

It’s up to us to get clear and build our awareness so that we can make a new choice that’s connected, heartfelt and in alignment with our inspiration and timing simultaneously. 

The more we get to know and love ourselves…the more we hear the deep whisper of our highest self helping to guide us into a place of abundance and possibility. 

This is how you can build your self-worth within yourself.

Feeling and moving through places of discomfort and distress. Being willing to sit with those places of disconnection where you may not feel good enough and then it loses power over you. 

Once you’re comfortable sitting with any potentially uncomfortable feeling…you have space to choose a new way of being. 

You may choose to take a nice deep breath and review these questions and journal or you can follow along below for a deeper journey at your convenience.

Do you think in terms of life phases, decades, certain experiences? 

What are you most proud of?

What’s been something you’ve overcome that called you to grow as a person? 

What’s a skill set or way of being that you’ve committed to learning and mastering? 

What’s something you’ve been so sure of and you followed your knowing and you know it helped expand your life? 

As you feel filled up with your essence, you in your light, your sense of accomplishment, now is a time to open up a space for new possibilities. 

  • For yourself?
  • Your body? 
  • Your purpose?
  • Your finances?
  • Your relationship? 
  • Your day, or maybe your legacy?

Anything that comes up for loved ones?

Anything else that you’d love to share or have in your life?

What are ways of being that you’ve been incorporating that feel nourishing and connected to you on a soul level? 

Today’s post was inspired by hearing: “I feel like I have to start over”

The truth is, we are never starting over.

We are taking with us all of our experiences that we’ve learned from, lessons gained, expanded self-worth and confidence as we expand and so much more. 

Even if you may be in a place of a transition, have recently started something new or have been doing something for decades…there is always change and growth. 

It’s so important to take time to see how far you’ve come and really own what does feel good about where you are today. Then you can consciously choose, when you’re connected, what you’d love even more of next. 

It doesn’t always mean it’s something we have to have, sometimes I start with I’d love more of x and the feeling it brings me (when I can really open space for it to flow with ease throughout my body and aura) in the present moment allows me to manifest and create sometimes in very unexpected ways. 

It can be easy to discount how far we’ve come or feel like we’re starting over and it’s so beneficial to take the time to honor you and your path so far. 

Here’s to you loving, valuing and honoring yourself even more today. 

With love,

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