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Do you ever find yourself obsessing, struggling or feeling super challenged while trying to achieve a result? Or, sometimes force a specific outcome? Or beat yourself up for not following through on some ‘should’?

I’ve been there and just this morning I went through a whole process I wanted to share that really worked.

I didn’t even realize how large my expectation was that was holding me back from building any momentum. I kept starting and stopping and really struggling with a lack of consistency that was having me on a rollercoaster of self-doubt and fantasy of what I could actually achieve in a day. Some of this wasn’t even conscious, which is why it’s so helpful to take the time to tune-in and build our awareness around our actions, desires and knowing.

I know we can all be overloaded and overwhelmed at times. Whether that’s from external events, demands, busy seasons of life and internal challenges and upgrades that it can be challenging to stay focused. Today’s topic is more on our inner struggle and consistency than tools and strategies for moving through the external.

Navigating it all can be time consuming enough. None of us have time for ‘another thing’, blog, should or email to clean out later. And, at the same time…my goal/promise is to offer valuable content, processes to assist you in developing and connecting with yourself and opportunities for collective community connection to help make things even just a little bit easier and more in flow for you. Whether you come to the blogs, community calls, courses or workshops.

When we let go of what we’re trying to achieve and control, there’s room for what’s in alignment to return and flow. This is where you’ll feel even more at ease and productivity and efficiency will increase.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

You may journal, sit quietly with yourself or practice a version of my energetic separations meditations.

What expectations do you have on yourself or this particular outcome? Do you feel like it’s all or nothing? Do you have an unrealistic picture and let things go quickly because the future vision is so far ahead and can’t be achieved quickly?

How can you reframe your expectations and give yourself space and permission to own what you want and value how you are showing up? Appreciate yourself first for who you are, as you are. We’re always doing exactly what we want to do according to our values. It’s so helpful to be in gratitude and then link as we want to expand.

I love saying, ‘‘just because we can, doesn’t mean we have to.

There are some things that make sense to let go of when the commitment is to please someone else and it actually feels quite heavy for ourselves. And, there are some things that need to be let go of so we have the freedom to re-engage with our creativity and knowingness aligned.

5. What’s an action, movement, thought however big or small that can help you step into this now. Something to help you own it. Take a moment (or more) of quiet time, refresh and rejuvenate yourself and then give yourself a moment of space to see where you’re called to focus and what that can lead to.

As one of my coaches says, “Maybe it can be even better than you could’ve imagined.”

And, for those of you new here or wondering what type of content you’ll experience here.

What you can expect to find: (these are my personal favorite topics that I continuously learn about, practice and teach).

✨Personal Growth and Mindset
✨Tools for even deeper self-awareness, reflection and connection
✨Guided Meditations
✨Intuition and Knowingness Clarity & Integration
✨Chakra Awareness and Balancing
✨Wholistic Healing
✨Somatic Practices
✨Trauma & Grief Reorganization

And more…

If you resonate with these topics and know this content can offer you helpful tips and ways to thrive, then I invite you to stick around and keep reading and engaging with me. 

If there’s anything specific within these topics you’d like to see, share or for me to know, please contact me here.

Thank you for being here and being someone who is committed to their growth.


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