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It’s July 4th! I love this day. From memories at camp, to celebrating freedom in so many different forms over the years to quality time with friends and family in nature, on the lake, enjoying bbq’s and traveling..

This year, however, my definition of freedom, time-off and celebration have shifted. This week’s been about being with myself and what’s most true for me right now.

I’m inspired by creating, learning and working with my clients. So I’m off at a cleanse taking care of myself, reading and  coaching today…nourishing and feeding my soul growth and light.

What if sparking that light in our soul was our greatest source of freedom? 

If you adopted this for your life, would anything be different? Is there something you’d want to change or do more of?

In your business? Finances? Physical body? Spiritual practice? With friends and family? Intimate relationship?

How do you feel most alive, energized and inspired? 

  • What do you fill your space with?
  • How do you spend your time?
  • What things are you called to spend your money on?


If you create even more awareness today, would you have the ability to say yes to you and your highest sources of inspiration first?

Do you know what that is for you?

Do you have the courage for friends, family, colleagues to all know your top values and to live congruently with those as often as possible?

For me, this has become my place of ultimate freedom over the last few years. It’s also the place where I’m most flexible, adaptable, loving, open, resourceful and energized.

There’s a Rumi quote I love: “What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.”

Once we’re aware of a soul calling, the pain of staying where we are becomes much greater. And if we numb ourselves and try to ignore it, it becomes louder and manifests in our body and with unnecessary challenges around us.

Except when we’re not listening, these challenges are absolutely necessary and a huge gift trying to help guide us back on course.

Now, there is a huge distinction between gut instinct and inspiration (they’re not the same thing). I’ll dive deeper in on this in another blog soon. (for now, if you have any questions or challenges knowing the difference, feel free to message me. I’d love to reply.) 

For you to live in your highest source of energy, vitality and inspiration each day, what space do you want to be in to be receptive and able to respond? 

Sometimes we convince ourselves that we have to be responsible. We perceive we don’t or can’t have the luxury to jump into the unknown. We don’t have the time, resources, money. We’re too busy but tell ourselves, we’ll get to it when…

What if the ultimate responsibility was in fact living in our light? 

After my first values determination with Dr. John DeMartini at his Breakthrough event, I had an unbelievable breakthrough that brought all my years of personal development study together. I gained clarity, a knowing of who I truly am and what’s most important to me, I made exponentially more money, stopped wasting time and money and worrying about little stuff.

I’ve since been trained in his method and I absolutely love his values process.

If you’d like to know what this is for you, I’m offering a 20% discount for July 4th. Just enter the code ‘Freedom’ and we can dive into your unique values. 

While often people’s values may sound the same, the truth is they are as unique as a fingerprint in the way we implement them in our lives.

A lot of people even feel they’re clear on their values, so I want to bust a few myths that kept me stuck when I didn’t even realize it.

1. Values are NOT feelings

2. Values are something you are already actually demonstrating and doing in your everyday life regardless of what form it’s currently in. When you tune in and see yours, your self-worth, confidence and productivity actually go up.

3. Values are not things like integrity, love, truth, honesty..these are ways we are inspired to act when we’re living congruently with our top values.

If you ever waiver about your purpose, feel distracted or discontentment in what you’re doing, having communication challenges…knowing your values can really help you find the freedom, connection and inspiration you crave.

Since knowing my values has been so important in my life, I hope you’ll take me up on this special July 4th discount so we can dive in together. Just enter the code ‘Freedom’ and we can dive into your unique values. 

(good for values sessions packages or a one-hour call custom session at the bottom of page. The longer packages are a fit it you want to dive into how to use them in your everyday life, know when, what and how to delegate, if you have some uninspiring daily tasks I’ll help you link those so you’re called to do them and see exactly how they’re serving your greater purpose. We’ll move through anything that may be a block to living your values fully). 

Happy 4th! 



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