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Have you heard any of these sayings (or maybe something similar)

Act when it’s effortless? 

Find your effortless way of being? 

Effort leads to burnout? 

What does this concept around effort vs effortless really mean? And, is it possible for something to be effortless? 

Let’s unpack this idea of efforting vs effortless.

And, what are we striving for when we talk about an effortless way of being?

It’s not that we just sit back passively and all this stuff just magically happens. We don’t just build our business, change our finances, all of a sudden have our ideal physical physique, or stay regulated internally, emotionally and spiritually. 

What is possible though is that we actively create an intention to be in our flow and we then choose to take actions from that way of being. In that state, it’s where time disappears, where we’re spontaneously inspired, where we have ease, clarity and clear-mindedness. Where your ideas come to you and you can execute without all the heaviness, doubts or struggle. 

I often say we’re either getting feedback or we’re experiencing our flow. Flow or feedback. Feedback is when it feels like effort. Challenge. Disconnection. Making things happen. We’re doing something through maybe frustration, or because we feel we should or have to. When we listen closely..there’s information here that’s gold helping guide us to our most connected, flowing and authentic path. 

It really can be that simple.

Now, what may take some practice is learning your recipe for your flow. While it may be somewhat similar for all of us…we all have our unique style and that awareness comes from practice. Committing to want to be in your flow. Trying new things. Getting so in tune with your body and emotions that you know what’s working. 

When we experience our flow and a connected way of being, the outcome is that we’re clear, certain and able to see small action steps that can spontaneously happen without effort, procrastination, uncertainty and strategic planning/worry about the future. We enter a state of clear knowing and ease of attraction. 

I’ll give you an example. 

On my recent beach vacation, my intention was to create space for some new clarity specific to two topics. If the actual clarity/vision came in fully, great, If not, that was ok too. I was building towards this result and also trusting in my timing. 

One thing I set out to have clarity with became super clear. I received lots of visions, information and ideas around what’s next. 

The other thing I kept hearing and feeling “it’s not time yet”. I intuitively knew that but I still wanted an answer for awhile. I was fighting my knowing until I went away and was in my flow that I trusted it. 

Sometimes you get the information, but the next step is being willing to trust what you get. And, then to be in your heart with what you would truly love to have and create now. 

It became clear to me a few things that I’d love to have happen first in my body, being and life and then I can revisit the question. 

Some things aren’t a “no”, they’re just a “not right now”. 

Here’s how I intentionally created an effortless way of being to find my flow each day. 

I went to bed after reading a few pages or chapters of an inspiring book. I journaled. I fell asleep in gratitude and with my focus on my trip’s intention which was to nourish my body, take care of myself in all the ways and have open space for what’s next. This was a productive reset for me, not an escape. 

I woke up, went to yoga, the gym, followed my intuitive body movement that felt best in each moment. Sometimes that meant doing my own thing in the yoga class. 

We create our ideal and connected moments, we don’t have to wait for the right time or permission.

This took me years to realize. 

I took a long beach walk and meditated in the ocean. Ideas kept coming in. I’d journal or record anytime I thought of something so I didn’t have to use my mental capacity to try and remember or worry about remembering vs being in my flow. 

(I have my phone on airplane with wifi and bluetooth off most of the time.) 

I’ve discovered for me being inspired comes naturally when I’m in nature, specifically around water it’s easier, when I’m physically active first, when I’ve cleared my energetic space and meditated and been present with my body to be with where I am in a space of awareness rather than judgment. If I have support for body and or energetic work that can also assist me at times. 

Then each time I come back to what would I love to create right now? I wait for an answer. This isn’t always a big answer. Sometimes it’s I’d love to create even more space in my body. I’d love to move my body. I’d love to write a blog. I’d love to…can be anything that’s authentic for you. 

Another example is on this vacation I had all these ideas flowing then I started to get into my head about the how. 

I noticed this and I took a step back. I took a deep breath and chose to take a walk and take a cold plunge. This time my intention wasn’t to plan, but rather to connect to my body and see what happened. 

After my cold plunge I took a steam to rest with nothing on my mind. I really felt myself drop into my body. I went deep for probably less than a minute and I was flooded with creativity and ideas of phrases how to make this work. This so-called plan came effortlessly. 

Do you know the difference?

Think back to your own experience when you’ve been in your flow and what’s been created?

What ideas have you come up with?

Have you taken action on them? 

Do you intentionally set yourself and your day up to be in your flow? 

Do you use these resources available to you for your most productive, inspired, creative and connected sense of self? 

Do you connect your spirit to your physical actions? 

I love writing from this flow space. 

I used to sit down with an intention to write a blog because I thought I should. Luckily that never worked for me. Now, my focus is to be connected and be with where I truly am and share what I’m moving through.

That’s how you CAN choose to work, workout, have conversations and be with yourself. 

You intentionally commit to small actions that help you access your flow. Eventually you will have a formula that works consistently. 

Once in awhile it may need some fine tuning, but we start to develop and feel confident in this new “recipe” as a way of being. 

I could give examples in each area of my life and countless actions and what it looks like to create this state of being. 

We may work hard and diligently to find our flow once we’re there the ideas and execution can flow spontaneously and effortlessly

Here’s a little chart I created to help you know the difference between the two. 

What other questions do you have about finding your inspiration and effortless way of being?? 

Feel free to reply so I can incorporate into future content for you. 

Lots of love,


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