Building Awareness and Gratitude

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Hi! Happy Thanksgiving! 

While everyone today is speaking about gratitude and going around sharing what they’re grateful for, I’d love to talk about commitment. 

See, we can only experience gratitude to the degree in which we hold ourselves accountable. And, accountability for ourselves comes with commitment and a decision to choose a new way of being and experiencing our reality. 

It can be easy to get caught up in overwhelm, stress, anxieties, disappointments.

What takes commitment is being willing to choose your focus, to commit to your self-care and spiritual practices and to see what’s been unconscious so that you’re not having a filtered reality. 

We can only feel surface level gratitude and feel grateful for external people, places and experiences until we truly balance and neutralize our past events, thoughts and feelings. 

Here are a few journaling questions to ask yourself as you reflect: 

1. What does your commitment to yourself and your life currently look like? 

2. Do you perceive yourself to be at choice of your current reality? Or are there past events that you believe are holding you back that you haven’t healed fully? 

If so, I encourage you to go into a meditative space and look deeply at what your responsibility was too. What attracted you to that experience? How were you trying to protect yourself at that time? Why was that experience helpful for you and your spiritual growth? 

3. Do you bypass past experiences, hurts, old wounds and skip to present time external gratitude, or can you truly hold space in your heart for what has been? 

One way to know if you’ve done this is you’d be willing to go through that experience again, or have a loved one experience it. Can you see the equal benefits and drawbacks to each trait, quality or action and co-exist with each so there isn’t an avoidance, fear or addiction and fantasy of one way. If not, there’s some more healing potential there for you. I invite you to reflect on anything or anyone that still takes up mental, emotional, energetic or physical space for you. 

4. How often do you allow yourself to be disconnected from yourself, your gifts and your true purpose? If so, what gets in the way of you being fully connected? 

Make a list and start creating a plan and holding yourself accountable even more often. You get what you manage. If we don’t make a decision and let things slide, we don’t get to recommit more often. 

These questions aren’t meant to be invalidating or a way for you to judge and be down on yourself. They are meant to help you build your awareness and accountability. We’re all human, it’s not that we’ll be so-called “on” all the time, but the more you check-in and create strategies for yourself and set yourself up to win, the more your self-worth, love and gratitude for yourself and others you will experience and be able to feel each and every day.

Please feel free to comment this post as well with any questions or shares. I love hearing from you. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and start to your holiday season. 

With love, Laurin

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