Today’s find your flow message is about YOU choosing and creating what feels best for you. And, how to adapt when you want to make something work, but yet it’s something that’s not quite in your complete flow. 

I’m on vacation this week and there’s so much beautiful time with family, socialization and enjoyment. At the same time, there’s quite a lot of distraction and challenge focusing on what I want to create. It’s a great time for me to be even more intentional and mindful to be in my flow. 

There was a realization I had after a night where I just couldn’t settle myself to sleep. I felt ungrounded, puffy and disconnected. I realized how disconnected I had been that whole night. 

I just kept busy and kept saying yes and overextending myself. Even though it was in such a wonderful way, I still felt lost unconsciously. I didn’t take the time to continuously ground and clear my energetic space (which can be done in just a few minutes even being around people once we practice it enough). When I don’t do this–I feel the challenge.

Then I said yes to a late dinner. I ate a heavy fish I don’t love eating and I was instantly off. 

Earlier in the night I felt called to stay in and reflect on a wonderful day, to take time for myself to read and do a meditation. This would’ve served me the most, but I didn’t honor it because…(list of multiple reasons why it made sense to go)

I’m sure you have your own version. It’s so easy at times to think “well my family isn’t always around.” “It’s one dinner.” “I can find the energy.” “Ok I’d love to see the kids.” 

And all this is true and it’s still interesting the consequences when we don’t choose our connection. 

The restaurant was lovely, but loud and busy, and took about an hour and a half longer than my system wanted. 

Now, if we do this over and over without pausing, it’s easy to feel directionless and led with whatever shows up in front of us. 

What I could’ve done, and what’s worked in the past for me is to meditate and get clear on even one heartfelt reason I’d love to go and check in with my information what I can do easily. 

Initially that morning I had said I’ll just come sit for an hour and eat before. Yes. Following this would’ve set me up for a whole different experience and time for what else I wanted to do. 

It’s interesting I forgot this because I didn’t take the time to reconnect to myself in the late afternoon and recommit to how I wanted my night to go. I knew exactly what I wanted but I didn’t hear the message again that I was clear on earlier in the day.

Connection is a process. It’s a choice. And, it’s a commitment. It can be easy. 

What I also love is the more clear you are, the easier it can be to communicate in a loving way that’s more often well-received than when we share from tension. 

We have the potential to listen to this feedback and find our flow, or we can blow right past it. This isn’t about perfection and I don’t believe in bad or wrong choices. 

Choices are truly just feedback helping to guide us. If we just stop and listen and pay attention. 

Even subtle things as I write this: I don’t like eating salt and I went so long without it. My tongue feels different this morning. We want these subtleties present. This can be fulfilling and not just hard work as it sometimes may appear to others from the outside. 

I invite you to reflect: 

Does this happen to you? 

Do you just keep moving about your day? Vacation? 

Do you get caught up with other people’s ideas/agendas/plans? 

If so, for how long? 

This is where awareness and choice come in. 

I did it with presence most of the day, but in the evening I was unconscious until 5:30 this morning. That’s when I decided this isn’t how I want to feel. It’s time to create my day and the rest of the week or I’d go along with a few things that “made sense“ with other people’s schedules. But that doesn’t mean what I’d really love to do. 

What do you want to prioritize in your life?  

Are you grounded? 

Clear within yourself on your outcomes and purpose? 

Present and connected? 

Taking time to slow down regardless of other people’s pace?

Are you linking your actions to your highest values when it’s something that you’re choosing? 

How long are you willing to be off track? You’ve probably heard me say this before but you can’t get what you don’t measure. 

How often do you turn into yourself? Or do you want to if this hasn’t been a habit yet? 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we get to write our story. 

Yes, there are lots of unknowns, but when we lose track of our direction, we don’t feel as empowered. Our self worth goes down and our self esteem fluctuates based on external validation. 

We’re more susceptible to unhealthy choices and habits, depression, overwhelm and being ungrounded and disconnected. 

So what do you do when you realize this has been happening? Whether it’s been 10 minutes, a month, a vacation or years of lacking clarity for yourself–it’s never too late to choose.

Here are some steps to help guide you that I invite you to use as journal prompts: 

1. Awareness. Notice. 

2. Acknowledgment. Yes. I’ve been disconnected for x amount of time.

3. Call back your choice. What do you want your experience of this life to be? Start with this moment or 10 years from now or anywhere in between. Whatever helps you the most. What would you love in your life? More consistency, more love and gratitude, more inspiration, more focused time for what’s important to you, more time with family/friends, more time for creating and serving people, being in my flow? More physical activity? More mobility? Increasing finances to sustain your life? 

4. Alignment. How does this support and expand your life? Who else benefits? How is this meaningful for you? What’s possible for you? Your health? Your self worth. Your family. Your finances. Your longevity. Mobility? 

5. Tune into your habits. What are you currently doing? Is it working for you to get you the results you desire? What do you have to say no to so you can say yes to what you want? 

6. What support and systems do you need to help you create and continue these changes consistently

I know this may seem like a lot, so please take what resonates with you most right now. My intention is for this to be a resource for you, so feel free to revisit this as needed and most helpful for you. 

If you have any questions or shares, please feel free to reply. That’s often how I come up with posts based on hearing from you and experiences from myself and my clients. 

Here’s to you finding your flow and creating your time this weekend. 



P.S. If you’re enjoying these find your flow friday messages and meditations, please feel free to share this with your friends so they can sign up too. 

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